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MTACC Music Festivals

MTACC holds three festivals annually. These festivals allow students opportunity to

perform and receive feedback in a non-threatening master class environment.

Musical Theatre Music Festival - NEW THIS YEAR!

Baroque + Classical Music Festival

Romantic + 20th Century Music Festival

Festival Guidelines

  • Festival hours are Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 1-5pm

  • Teachers registering three or more students will be expected to assist with

monitoring sessions

Registration Guidelines

  • All registrations to be submitted online

  • Open to students studying piano, strings, and voice

  • Please input your student's full name properly and correctly, as participation certificates will be printed using this information

  • Please input all repertoire information, including catalog number and key

  • All participants may enter the festival as competitive or non-competitive. Memorization is required for competitive entries. When entering the festival as non-competitive, the participant will not be considered for award placement.

  • Please mail checks made payable to MTACC and mail to the Festival Chair within one week of registration

Student Divisions

  • Please adhere to the performances times:​​

    • Children | Grades K-3 | $15 | 8 min​ (max 3 min performance time and two pieces)

    • Lower Youth | Grades 4-5 | $20 | 10 min (max 4 min performance and two pieces)

    • Upper Youth | Grades 6-8 | $22.50 | 12 min (max 5 min performance and two pieces)

    • Lower High School | Grades 9-10 | $25 | 15 min (max 6 min performance and two pieces)

    • Upper High School | Grades 11-12 | $25 | 15 min (max 6 min performance and two pieces)

    • Collegiate | $25 | 15 min (max 6 min performance and two pieces)

    • Ensembles | $25 | 15 min (max 6 min performance and two pieces)

    • Recreational (Adult) | $25 | 15 min (max 6 min performance and two pieces)

Performance Guidelines

  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to start time

  • Hands must be washed and sanitized before a performance

  • No student will be allowed to participate if they show signs of COVID-19 (such as a fever, shortness of breath, or exposure to someone with COVID-19)

Student Eligibility

  • Student must have studied with a current MTACC teacher for a minimum of six months

  • If the student studies with more than one teacher, both teachers' names must be entered in the registration form

Teacher Eligibility

  • Teacher must be a MTACC member in good standing

  • Teacher must be available to monitor for at least one session during the Festival

  • The Festival is run in a master class format. The visiting artist will work with each student immediately following their performance. 

  • The visiting artist will award each group with a winner and honorable mention. The total number of awarded participants is at the judge's discretion

  • All participants will receive a certificate at the end of their session

  • Non-piano participants must provide his/her own accompanist

  • Please respect everyone's privacy. No recordings, video, audio, or photography will be permitted during the Festival


  • The visiting artist's decisions are final and he/she is instructed not to discuss the results with anyone

  • Teachers are not allowed to ask the judge on the final results

  • The visiting artist will notify the Festival Chair with the award results at the end of the Festival

  • If teacher, student, or parent contact the judge regarding the final results, the participant will be disqualified

  • The Festival Chair will notify the teachers of results via email by Wednesday after the Festival. Teachers must make arrangements to pick up the awards from the Festival Chair within two weeks after the Festival

Cello and music stand
Detail of Sheet Music
Jill Soltero

Jill Soltero



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