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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in becoming a member?  Can't figure out how to register for a student event?  Would you like to request a reimbursement?  Check out our frequently asked questions below!

How do I become a member with MTACC?

Great question! You must first become a national member with MTNA. When you register with the MTNA, you will have the option to select your State and local chapter. Once you have registered as an MTNA member, be sure to reach out to our membership chair to expedite the process of becoming involved with our local chapter!

How do I get contact information for another MTACC member?

You can access our Membership Directory (member login required) or head over to our Find a Teacher page!

How do I register for an MTACC student event?

We'd love to have you join us! Visit the Student Events page and then select the event you would like to register for. There are registration instructions for each event.

I have students who do not wish to compete; are there events available for my students?

Yes! We have monthly student recitals available in a non-competitive environment, as well as Festivals (register as a non-competitor), the Music Artistry Program, and our new Jazz + Pop event! Check out our Student Events page for more info.

I am an event chair - how do I request general liability insurance from MTNA?

Follow this link and submit online! *Note: You must have your MTNA member login information.

How do I request a reimbursement?

Simply email our Treasurer! *Note: Prior approval and receipts are required for reimbursement.

How do my students apply for a MTACC Scholarship?

Head on over to our MTACC Scholarship page for more information. We love to support local students!

I am interested in becoming more involved with the MTACC. What are the roles and responsibilities available? 

Check out our Handbook for Officers and Chairs for more information! 

Still have more questions? We'd love to answer!

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