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Membership with the CCMTA

Membership with the Music Teachers Association of Clark County (MTACC) entitles you to participate in association sponsored events for teachers and students. Members of MTACC are also members of our parent groups, the Washington State Music Teachers Association (WSMTA) and the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA). As a member of the WSMTA and MTNA, you receive the WSMTA newsletter The Clarion and MTNA's bi-monthly publication, American Music Teacher, and inclusion on the member page of the MTACC website.


Membership in MTACC provides you with:

  • Association with others who share your profession

  • Career and professional development

  • Credit card processing

  • Discounts with major retailers, such as Office Max and Avis

  • Networking opportunities

  • Legal consultation

  • Opportunities for continuing education

  • Opportunity for MTNA National Certification

  • Peer recognition

  • Professional and personal insurance

  • Relevant discussions, such as music technology and business management

  • Student programs and events


The membership year is from July 1st to June 30th. Submit dues to MTNA by August 1st in order to be included on the MTACC Membership Roster. Visit the MTNA or WSMTA websites for more information, to apply for, or to renew your membership online. If you have questions, contact our Membership Chair, Cinda Redman NCTM.


NOTE: In order to participate in the Music Artistry Program, new members must pay their dues by January 10th and renewing members by October 15th. Dues for new members joining after May 1st shall be applied to the next fiscal year. Dues for new members joining on or after January 1st shall be one-half of the current amount of MTNA, WSMTA and MTACC dues.

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