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MTACC Student Events

The MTACC provides various events throughout the year, all benefiting students' skill assessment, musical knowledge, and providing performance opportunities.


MTACC Festivals

The Baroque + Classical Festival (held in November), the Music Theatre Festival (held in November), and the Romantic + 20th Century Festival (held in May) provide a high quality master class environment performance opportunity. Students have the option to compete amongst similar levels.

MTACC Recitals

Monthly recital opportunities are non-threatening, non-competitive, and a perfect environment for any student of any level. Bless the local community with life fulfilling music!


WSMTA Music Literacy Program

The WSMTA Music Literacy Program includes an annual theory and general musicianship exam, proctored by our local teachers. State honors are awarded to high achievers.

WSMTA Music Artistry Program

The Music Artistry Program is a wonderful opportunity for students to receive written and aural feedback from a master teacher. The Music Artistry Program is held in March. 

WSMTA Outstanding Artist Competition

This competition was established to provide a positive step for students wanting to compete in the MTNA Performance Competitions in future years. As a state level competition, monetary awards are available. 

WSMTA Young Composers Project

The Young Composers Project gives students of WSMTA members the opportunity to submit their compositions for judging and comments by qualified composers. The project provides educational feedback, a goal-setting format, and a focus on music that students love - their own compositions.


MTNA Student Composition Competition

The intent of the competition is to encourage creativity and self-expression in student musicians at all levels through the art of composing.  WSMTA winners advance to Northwest Division and possibly to the National competitions.

MTNA Student Performance Competition

For advanced students interested in performance competition, the MTNA performance competitions offer that opportunity.  The competitions are open to any student who plays at the level of the required music, and are offered at the Junior, Senior, and Collegiate levels.  The state competitions are considered the primary educational level, with the division and national levels showcasing outstanding performances and honoring significant pedagogical achievement.

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